Bedworth Lions Club - Latest News & Notices

Bedworth Lions Club - Latest News & Notices
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Share of house, room on offer is a good sized double room circa 3. 4 metres X 3. 4 metres. Gas central heating with current landlords gas certificate.
Just north of Coventry, close to J3 M6 motorway, on good regular bus routes, train station in town for commuters.
Convenient shops & public houses. Friendly neighbours. The RICOH arena within easy reach.
Married couples with no children considered, at an increased rent to be negotiated.
House is a mid terrace with spacious garden to rear, with on drive or roadside parking, no local parking restrictions. Double room, with shared kitchen, bathroom with shower, shared lounge. With possibility of a second room for married couples. House fitted with mains interlinked smoke alarms.

Landlord has over 15 years experience in renting rooms within the property.
Neighbours are friendly, helpful but not nosey or noisy.

297.00 PCM    Bond required, reference(s) & proof of legal status to be in the UK

Contact Brian for more information 07801 86 26 86


In order to raise funds for Bedworth Lions Club, we have teamed up with "The Cartridge"

Please order your printer cartridges raising funds for us at no extra cost to you, everyone's a winner.

Order your printer cartridges - helping to raise funds for Bedworth Lions Club


In the big number change over 10 years ago Coventry became 024. Many people thought 02476.
O no it isn't, it never was 02476!  It is 024 76NN NNNN.
Now there are no longer enough 76 numbers so additionally it has become 024 77NN NNNN.
The problem is compounded by those who dial 0247677.......
The national code for Coventry area is 024 followed by the 'local' dialling prefixes either 76 or 77 then the remaining 6 digits.


Remember you only need the correct kit to listen to any targeted mobile phone. It seems that 9.99 to 1000 buys this technology from many a shop. If it can be coded it can be de-coded. Almost any mobile phone can be listened to, you do not need to be a celeb. or in the public eye.
Reportedly systems exist to trick your phone into 'thinking' it is talking to a legitimate cell in order that a hacker listens directly to a conversation.
Now lets see all the mobile phone companies deny this.


To offset some of Bedworth Lions Club carbon footprint, the webmasters office is partially powered by the sun.
Photo voltaic panels have been fitted to power lighting & computer peripherals. This should offset some of the energy used in producing the Lions Club Website

Water is also collected for use when tap water is not needed, floor washing,
loo flushing and other such basics.


On behalf of a friend, we are looking or any information regarding 2 vintage Aermacchi racing motorcycles
One was a racing machine identified by a picture of the cartoon cat Sylvester on the tank.
Has anyone any information whatsoever, such as the bill of sale old photographs did you know the owner during the machines racing lives?
We are actually looking for 2 machines, a 250cc Aermacchi, frame number 141079, a 350cc Aermaccchi frame number 171011.
Two names have also been suggested in this enquiry - Bob Birch from Ross Motors and also Pat Hollick, if any one has any information as to how we can locate these two gentlemen, who may have some information please contact us.

If you can help please e mail Bedworth Lions Cub.
Please copy this request and pass it on.

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